WWE Survivor Series Review + Grades

WWE Survivor Series Review + Grades

 Womens War Games Match

Damage CTRL (Asuka, Bayley, Iyo, Kairi Sane) vs Team Bianca (Bianca BelAir, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch & Shotzi)

Bayley & Becky Lynch start the match for their respective teams. Bayley slams Lynch onto the steel plates that cover the opening between the 2 rings. Lynch then came back by running Bayley into the cage and performed a couple of sliding kicks to send her crashing into the cage. Lynch applied a Disarmer before Dakota Kai slips Bayley a kendo stick from the floor, which she ends up beating Lynch with. Shotzi comes out next & Bayley tried to hold the cage door shut but Shotzi ends up slamming it onto Bayley’s head. Shotzi went under the ring and pulls out chairs and a trashcan that she tossed inside the ring. Bayley grabs a chair and charged Shotzi but she kicks the chair at Bayley’s face. Shotzi went for a suicide dive through the ropes from both rings but Bayley saw her coming and spiked her head onto the mat. Lynch got the kendo stick and hits Bayley with it. Shotzi picks up a chair and Bayley was surrounded while standing between the 2 rings. Bayley tried to escape over the top of the cage but Lynch & Shotzi caught her. Lynch slams Bayley’s head on the cage causing Bayley to fall back into the ring. Lynch & Shotzi stood on the top rope and then jumped off and hit Bayley once she was back on her feet. Womens Champion Iyo Sky comes out for Damage CTRL & Sky brought a chain inside the ring and used it on Lynch & Shotzi. Sky jumped from the top rope in one ring to the other then hit Lynch & Shotzi with a springboard missile dropkick. Bianca BelAir is out next & she enters the ring and uses 2 braids she wore to whip Bayley & Sky then she picks up Sky in powerbomb position and tossed her over her head and into a trash can that was wedged in the ropes. BelAir put Bayley down with a spinebuster.BelAir mounted Sky in the corner and threw punches until Bayley broke it up as Damage CTRL tried to pull Belair off the ropes by her braids but she backflips onto her feet then Shotzi splashed Bayley while Lynch executed a leg drop on Bayley. Kairi Sane is out next for Damage CTRL & once she arrived at the cage door she stops then went underneath the ring and pulled out a trashcan lid. Sane brought the lid in the ring with her and hits Shotzi with it then hits a sliding forearm on BelAir as she was against the cage wall then Damage CTRL stacked chairs on top of Shotzi. Sane ran the ropes then was popped into the air by Sky then Sane drops an Insane Elbow onto the chairs and Shotzi. BelAir rallied and pressed Sane over her head then tossed her from one ring to the other and onto Bayley and Sky. The final entrant for Damage CTRL was Asuka & she went under the ring and pulls out kendo sticks then Asuka pulls out 2 more kendo sticks and threw them inside the ring. Asuka pulls out a table and was cheered as it was slid inside the ring & Asuka also brought a fire extinguisher into the ring. Once Asuka was inside the ring Damage CTRL crew used the chain to tie Lynch & BelAir together while they were seated on the canvas before Damage CTRL threw simultaneous dropkicks at Lynch & BelAir.Asuka & Shotzi ends up on the ropes together & Asuka sprayed mist at Shotzi before Bayley & Sane put a trashcan over Lynch then Asuka hits Lynch with a missile dropkick. Asuka covers Lynch for a two-count. Bayley, Sky & Asuka set up a table in one of the rings while Sane hits Flair,Shotzi & BelAir with a kendo stick. Bayley & Sky fought Flair on the ropes until they were powerbombed by BelAir & Lynch then Flair climbed to the top of the cage and hits a moonsault onto Damage CTRL. Flair & Lynch works together and plays to the crowd before coming together for a hug.Asuka & Sane went after them but Flair put Sky in the Figure 8 while Lynch puts Asuka in a Dis Arm Her but Bayley jumps from the top rope to break up the Figure 8 & Sane tried to do the same but Lynch put her knees up and put her in a submission hold that was also broken up by Bayley before Bayley broke up another pin. Lynch puts Sane down with an inverted DDT then Bayley took out Lynch with Roseplant before Shotzi took out Bayley. Asuka set up to use the mist but BelAir sprayed the fire extinguisher at Asuka.Sane nails Shotzi with a trash can lid then Flair puts Sane down with a big boot then Flair went for a spear but Bayley shoves Sane out of the way and took the move instead. Shotzi hits Bayley with a top rope senton then BelAir hits Bayley with KOD before BelAir handed Bayley to Lynch as she was on the ropes & hits a Manhandle Slam through the table to get the win.

Winners: Bianca BelAir, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch & Shotzi 

Backstage Promo #1

Backstage Alpha Academy & Womens Tag Team Champions Piper Niven & Chelsea Green sat on a couch eating potato chips. Pretty Deadly shows up and tried to pull the chips away from Otis but they went flying. R Truth pops up from behind the couch with a bowl of chips and calls for everyone to get along. He plugs the sponsor as did Tozawa then Tozawa did his dance.

Backstage Promo #2

Backstage Sami Zayn informed Jey Uso that Randy Orton had yet to arrive. Jey asked why Orton would show up and then recalled being the person who put Orton on the shelf in the first place. Zayn fired up and said that he would have Jey’s back and they would handle it together no matter what happened.

Match 2 Intercontinental Title Match: Gunther (c) vs The Miz

The Miz wraps Gunther’s knee around the ring post then follows up with a Figure 4 around the ring post and released it before the referee could count to 5. Miz returns to the apron and went for a springboard move but Gunther drops him with a big boot to the face. Gunther took offensive control and dominated Miz and puts him down with another big boot to the face then plays to the crowd before Miz used the ropes to pull himself up. Gunther jawed at Miz and then set up for a powerbomb but Miz threw punches at him and took him down with a hurricanrana then went back to targeting Gunther’s knee. Miz threw kicks at Gunther and backed him into a corner then threw additional kicks and then a knee strike. Gunther fired back with a chop. Miz executed a satellite DDT and covered Gunther for a two count. Miz sets up for a Skull Crushing Finale but Gunther avoids it and ends up powerbombing Miz for a two count. Gunther puts Miz in a sleeper hold but Miz reaches the corner and pulls the turnbuckle pad off. Gunther didn’t break the hold until Miz kicks his way free and then caught him with a low blow and hits Skull Crushing Finale and covers Gunther for a near fall. Miz sets up for another Skull Crushing Finale but Gunther counters into a sleeper before Miz pulls Gunther into the corner and ducks causing Gunther to hit the exposed turnbuckle. Miz rolls onto Gunther and got a two-count before Gunther cuts him off with a clothesline. Gunther went up top and hit a splash onto the back of Miz. Then puts Miz in a Boston Crab as Miz reached for the ropes but Gunther pulls him to the middle of the ring and turns it into a Liontamer by driving his knee into Miz’s back which forced Miz to tap out.

 Winner By Submission & Still Intercontinental Champion: Gunther 

Backstage Promo #3

We go to the Judgment Day clubhouse where Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions Mr Money In The Bank Damian Priest & Finn Balor & JD McDonagh were talking. Balor plays McDonagh in his 1st PLE main event. Priest said he was proud of McDonagh. NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio arrived and said a dirty birdie told him that Randy Orton would not be there. Balor said it would either be 5 on 4 or Orton would show up and poison the other team from the inside.

Santos Escobar vs Dragon Lee 

Santos Escobar took offensive control early and ran Dragon Lee into the ring steps. Then Escobar places Lee’s right leg in the steps and said he would break his leg. Lee fought back and escapes then hits a hurricanrana that pulls Escobar off the apron to the floor. Then follows up with a flip dive. Back in the ring Lee picks up a two count on Escobar. Then Lee picks up Escobar and dumps him on the mat. Lee went to the ropes but Escobar got up and cuts him off but Lee fought him off. Escobar went after him again but Lee threw punches before Escobar caught Lee with a kick.  Then nails a hurricanrana that led to a two count. Escobar protested the referee’s count, Escobar made a play for Lee’s mask but Lee was able to keep it on. Then Escobar brought Lee to the ropes and set up for a superplex. Lee fought back and got Escobar in the tree of woe before double-stomping him and covers him for a two-count. Lee charged Escobar but Escobar drops him with a superkick. Escobar & Lee traded strikes in mid ring then both men traded knee strikes. Lee powers up Escobar and hits a sit out powerbomb for a two count. Lee went for Destino that Escobar counters into a Destroyer then follows up with Phantom Driver to score the win.

 Winner: Santos Escobar 

Match 4 Womens World Title: Rhea Ripley (c) vs Zoey Stark

Zoey Stark dropkicks Rhea Ripley to ringside then Stark sends Ripley back inside the ring and hits her with a missile dropkick that led to a two count. Stark sets up for a springboard move and was hit by a headbutt. Ripley set up for a move on the apron but Stark fought back and ends up putting Ripley down with a DDT.  Back in the ring Stark hits a twisting senton for a two count. Ripley went to the floor but Stark caught her with a kick from the apron before Ripley avoided the next move that Stark went for and ends up running her into the ring post. Back in the ring Ripley dominated the offense and pulls Stark’s arms behind her before booting her face into the mat. Ripley places Stark in a seated position on the top rope. Ripley went to the middle rope and traded strikes with Stark before grabbing her by the throat and going for a chokeslam then Stark got up and drops Ripley with a kick and covers her for a two count. Stark rolls Ripley into a pin and got a two count before Ripley came right back and hits a series of moves that she caps off with a suplex into a bridge for a two count. Ripley piefaces Stark & she smiled and asked if that’s all she had so Ripley went for Riptide but Stark counters into a suplex. Stark followed with a kick then covers Ripley for a near fall. Stark went for Z360 but Ripley counters it so Ripley elbows Stark a few times before she avoids a kick then drills her to the mat with Riptide to get the win.

Winner & Still Womens World Champion: Rhea Ripley

Backstage Promo #4

Seth Rollins was stressed in his locker room when Jey Uso, Sami Zayn & Cody Rhodes arrive. Rollins said Orton had yet to arrive. Jey said it was his fault. Rhodes told his teammates that he would be there and asked them to trust him.

Main Event War Games Match

Team Cody Rhodes (World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, Cody Rhodes, Jey Uso, Sami Zayn & Randy Orton) vs Judgment Day

Finn Balor & Seth Rollins starts the match as Rollins ran the ropes and dove over the ropes of both rings while performing a suicide dive onto Balor before Balor took control and put Rollins down with a sling blade. Balor runs into a superkick before Rollins grabs Balor in the area between the 2 rings and set up for a Pedigree but Balor backdrops him onto the steel covering. Rollins sold back pain and rolled into one of the rings. Rollins rolls out of the way to avoid Balor’s Coup De Grace attempt then puts him down with a sling blade of his own. JD McDonagh comes out next & he ran to the ring and was hit with a boot from Rollins when he tried to enter the cage. McDonagh grabs a kendo stick and hits Rollins with it. JD McDonagh grabs a 2nd kendo stick and brings them both inside the cage where he gave one to Balor. McDonagh & Balor worked over Rollins with the kendo sticks. Rollins fought back and got one of the kendo sticks but McDonagh hits him with a moonsault. Balor & McDonagh used the kendo sticks on Rollins again. Jey Uso was out next for his team who brought a chair inside the cage with him & Jey throws punches at McDonagh + Balor as we see Drew McIntyre was shown seething inside the heel shark cage. McDonagh puts Jey down with a running Spanish Fly. McDonagh & Balor go for a double suplex on Jey but Rollins caught him and set him on his feet. Rollins & Jey threw simultaneously hit superkicks on McDonagh & Balor. Rollins walks from the top rope in one ring to the other before jumping off and hitting Balor. Damian Priest was out next for Judgement Day & McIntyre wanted to go after Jey but Priest told him to stick to the plan. Priest enters the cage despite Rollins & Jey waiting for him. Rollins caught Priest with a chair to the side. Priest pulls out a bat and beat the babyfaces with it Cody Rhodes was shown in his shark cage asking where the weapon came from. McDonagh & Balor held Rollins & Jey while Priest hit them with a Corkscrew Dive from the ropes. Sami Zayn comes out next & shook hands with Rhodes before exiting the shark cage then Zayn slams the cage door on Balor. Zayn teased entering the cage then stops and pulls out a table. Zayn slid the table inside the cage. Zayn got Priest down in between the rings and stomps his feet on him repeatedly before Zayn puts Balor down with a Blue Thunder Bomb then went to the ropes. Zayn tried to go to the top of the cage but McDonagh joins him on the top rope but Zayn slams McDonagh’s head into the cage to knock him down. Zayn pulls a steel pipe out of the cage then jumped down and used it as a weapon. Drew McIntyre comes out next & he suplexes Zayn then hits an Reverse Alabama Slam on Rollins that send him crashing onto Zayn. McIntyre slowly went from one ring to the other while staring down Jey.  As he was down on the mat, McIntyre opened his arms while Jey got to his feet which led to both men throwing punches before McIntyre caught Jey with a kick and went for Future Shock DDT but Jey stuffed it and superkicks him. McIntyre puts Jey down with a neckbreaker then he picked him up and runs him into the cage wall. McIntyre picks up Jey and told him to acknowledge what you did and ran him into the cage again. Cody Rhodes was out next for his team & he enters the cage and cleans house on Judgement Day & McIntyre before Rhodes pulls a bull rope out from an area in between the ring and cage. Rollins grabs the other side and stared at Rhodes but then they worked together and ends up crotching Balor with it.The final entrant for the Judgment Day team was Dominik Mysterio & he started doing his Eddie Guerrero tribute spots until he was surrounded by Rollins, Zayn & Jey. Mysterio released Rhodes and was then attacked by Team Rhodes. Rhodes ran Mysterio into the cage while Rollins & Zayn set the table up in the corner of one of the rings. Zayn passed Mysterio to Rollins & sets him up for a powerbomb but Judgement Day & McIntyre intervened while Judgement Day & McIntyre took control. McDonagh hits a top rope moonsault onto Zayn, Balor hits Rollins with Coup De Grace then Mysterio hits Rhodes with a frog splash then Judgement Day & McIntyre sets up the table in the ring then Priest puts Rollins through it with a Razors Edge.The fans counted down along with the timer but Randy Orton didn’t come out. Rhea Ripley’s theme song played & she ran out holding the Money in the Bank briefcase and a referee. Cole yelled that Damian Priest was going to cash in but Ripley was stop in her tracks.The final entrant was Randy Orton & he closed the cage door behind him & he drops Mysterio with a powerslam before Orton puts McDonagh down with a Draping DDT. McIntyre glared at Orton from the other ring then Orton spots him as McIntyre enters Orton’s ring and squared off with him but Priest hits Orton from behind then McIntyre & Priest put the boots to Orton. Team Rhodes regrouped and they all hit simultaneous Draping DDT’s on Judgement Day & McIntyre then Orton’s struck the Viper’s Pose then turned and looked at Jey. You and your boys, you did that Orton told Jey. Priest tried to hit Orton from behind but Jey intervened with a superkick.Orton lays out Mysterio with a RKO before Team Rhodes hit their big moves on Priest, Balor, McIntyre & Mysterio and had them down.McDonagh got to his feet and was surrounded by Rollins, Jey, Zayn & Orton as McDonagh tried to escape over the top of the cage but Zayn stops him then Rollins joins them both on top of the cage.Orton stood in the middle of the ring and rubs his hands together in anticipation then Rollins & Zayn tossed McDonagh off the cage and into an RKO from Orton. Orton told Rhodes to take it then Rhodes hits Priest with Cross Rhodes to get the win for his team. 

Winners: World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, Cody Rhodes, Sami Zayn, Jey Uso & Randy Orton

After the match, Rollins & Zayn hugs Orton & they all lined up and raised their arms together. Just as it appeared the show was ending, Cult Of Personality plays and the fans pops huge. 

CM Punk walks out and stood on the stage area in front of the shark cages. Punk looks around the building before he drops down to one knee, pats his hand on the ground, looks at his watch and said It’s and let the fans fill in the Clobberin time. Punk looks to the ring and smiled. Punk celebrated with a fan along the barricade while the CM Punk chants continued. Whose town is this? Punk asked. The fans said Chicago repeatedly. Punk walks over and hugs other fans. Punk went back to the stage and yells Oh! before they cut to a video package that recaps the event.

WWE Survivor Series 2023 Press Conference

Triple H takes the stage after Survivor Series. 

  • First up to speak and take questions from the media following WWE Survivor Series was Chief Content Officer Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque. 
  • He touched on CM Punk, Randy Orton and R-Truth’s respective returns to WWE, the business numbers for the Premium Live Event, Jade Cargill and more topics. Below are highlights from Levesque’s press conference: 
  • Levesque stated that it was the highest-grossing Survivor Series in history. 
  • He jokingly said let’s talk about the big return of the night, R-Truth. 
  • Expresses that he’s proud of Randy Orton for coming back from back surgery. 
  • Levesque said Punk’s return is one of those lightning in a bottle moments that came together quickly. If the WWE fans want it, he’s game. 
  • He added that a lot of time has passed. Levesque stated that he’s a different person and Punk is a different person, WWE is a different company. When it comes to what’s next for Punk, it’ll be interesting whatever it is and it’ll be a thrill ride. Everyone is glad to have Punk back ‘home’. 
  • Very few people knew about Punk’s return besides Levesque and Nick Khan. 
  • He implies that top people at TKO were probably surprised when they saw Punk because they did not know he was coming. 
  • Levesque discussed having his eye on Joshi talents. He did not know what that term was until a few years ago. 
  • Seeing as how Jade Cargill has been off TV, he has no less belief in her now than he did when she came in. He wants to make sure she can take whatever is thrown at her. He added that it’s no fault of her own, but she was limited. 
  • He commented on WWE’s concussion protocol. He was asked about Jon Moxley’s recent comments but did not have a response to that in particular. He brought up Rey Mysterio’s concussion from August.
  • Joining the stage was Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch. 
  • They were asked about a potential Women’s Tag Title run and joked that they’re only courting one another right now. 
  • Wrapping up the press conference was Cody Rhodes. The following notes are from his presser: 
  • Rhodes states that if Punk can help with where WWE is going, welcome aboard. He thinks this version of CM Punk is hungry. 
  • Further speaking on Punk, he said one can ask all the talents about him and whether it’s an up or down response, it’s all about business. 
  • Cody gets emotional when he brings up that Randy Orton told him after WarGames, ‘Thanks for the phone call.’
  • He mentions that his father-in-law is in the hospital. Michael Cole referenced that on commentary.

Floor Slapper Sports Grades

  • KPG: Solid A
  • Dango: A+
  • TK: A+
  • Greydon: A+
  • Kayla: A+


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