Week 7 Trade Market Watch

We are now in the thick stuff for the Fantasy Football season. Injuries have piled on, bye weeks are raging. 

No more perfect time to begin to buy or sell than now. If you are 4-2 or 5-1, then it’s time to look at teams who are 1-5 or 2-4. Look to see if they have anyone on a bye week and desperately need a win. If you are 2-4 it’s time to get creative. Here is the Week 7 trade market report. 


Tee Higgins – Been a rocky start for Higgins. The first few weeks it was more Joe Burrow’s health, then Higgins fractured a rib. Last week, I can’t even blame the rib though. Burrow just didn’t have his best game. All of this should be much better after the bye week and we should see the Bengals offense finish the season strong. Higgins still ranks 20th in expected fantasy points per game. He saw 8+ targets the first 3 weeks of the season. He’s a good WR2 for me ROS. With the bye week here go to the teams with Higgins and see if they need help now. 

Devonta Smith – Been a bumpy road after a hot start for Smith. It seems like after AJ Brown voiced his frustration it’s been all Brown out there. The good news is, he is on the field the whole time. He’s 3rd in routes run in the NFL. Oh, and Jalen Hurts is his QB. Jalen definitely wants to get Smith going again also. There are plenty of better days ahead for Smith who can be a very good WR2 to close out the season for you. Just a bonus cherry on top, he gets the Cardinals in the fantasy championship if you happen to get there. 

Drake London – We can joke about the Falcons all we want but in 4/6 weeks this year London has double-digit fantasy points. It’s also likely those with London still are not using him or have been looking to sell for a little while. The schedule before the bye week is pretty good too. 

Joe Mixon – Mixon has not been efficient by any means. The volume is all there though. 7th in carries, 13th in targets and 7th in red zone targets. His floor in this RB landscape is something I’ll gladly take. The one thing I’m banking on more of though after the bye week is TD’s. With a healthy Burrow, this offense should score a ton more. Add some of those in and you will get some very inefficient RB1 weeks. 

Aaron Jones – Jones should be ready to go after the bye week, and his first opponent is the Denver Broncos. Cha Ching! Might be the last shot to buy Jones. 

Bijan Robinson – I get it, this seems unlikely. Buuut, everyone has a price. Also, go in and pay the premium here. He has been good, not great, so you could find a team that is 2-4 or 1-5 that might have him. Maybe they are suffering from bye weeks now too. Why should you pay a premium though? He has left most craving a tad more. Glad you asked. He gets Carolina, Indy, and Chicago in the playoffs. 

For me buying TE’s is simple. I really only wanna pay for a top 5 TE. If you see a 1-5 team with Kelce, Andrews, LaPorta, Kittle, and Hockenson, offer them your best streaming TE and a RB or a WR. 

If I pick one to buy low on though it would be Kyle Pitts. A 3rd good game in a row and you may not be able to do so anymore. 


Jordan Addison – He saw the snaps but still only 5 targets. This offense in general I told you I was worried about without Jefferson. His TD salvaged his day but now is the time I am pairing Addison with something else for a WR upgrade. Try for the Tee Higgins or Devonta Smith range in a 2 for 1. 

DeAndre Hopkins – Same reasons as I stated last week. Name value might get you back something. Bye week, rookie QB possibly taking over, and a matchup with AJ Terrell in week 8 awaits. 

Rhamondre Stevenson – Don’t blame you if you wait a week to do this as Buffalo can’t stop opposing RBs. You got the good day you needed though last week fantasy wise to restore a little value. This offense just overall is not great and if you can recover RB2 value now for him it might be time to do so. Not to mention Zeke looks fairly good. 

The Kyren Williams window to sell high has likely slammed shut. This is why I will always say if you can get a haul or top-tier value back for Raheem Mostert right now, you absolutely should do it. Although I hope I’m dead wrong and he plays all 17 games. 

Some extra tips – If you are 2-4 but have a good QB, now might be the time to sell the QB. QBs can be the easiest thing to stream and a few remain in FA. Home town leagues value QB’s a little higher than they really are. Mahomes is great, what if he nets you Jonathan Taylor in return and you are able to scoop up  Sam Howell. 

Same theory can work with tight ends. If you have Kelce and are 1-5 or 2-4, use him to get better at RB or WR. Tight end can be streamed and having a top-end RB to pair with that can get you further than just having Kelce. It also helps half your league doesn’t have a great tight end.  

Also, get creative to get back in it. Memorize all the rosters in your league. This will help you when waivers happen or an injury occurs. You automatically know who you can trade to and for what. Speed can be a factor in these deals. 


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