Twisted Metal: Destination Season 2

I was a 90s kid. Twisted Metal was one of the greatest multiplayer games of all time. It was a post-apocalyptic demolition derby to the death. I loved the games and their sequels as a kid and this left me super excited to hear it was becoming a TV Show. I loved the casting, Stu, John, Quiet, Raven, Agent Stone, and the Preacher were all perfectly cast. Of course, the capoeira and orgy-loving former Priest was played by Rafi! 

Samoa Joe is Sweet Tooth

I found out Sweet Tooth, the psycho Clown, was being played by Samoa Joe. It was exciting to see a pro wrestler getting his acting debut. I saw the commercials, I assumed Joe was disguising his voice.. but then I finally saw him on screen, and realized that he was not delivering the lines at all. He was the body and all the physical actions, including but not limited to cutting off a person’s head and catching it out of mid-air. As I was watching, Sweet Tooth delivered a line and it sounded exactly like Bo Jack Horseman. That’s when I realized it was Will Arnett doing the voice. It’s kind of perfect.

The entire first season follows John Doe, the milkman, as he drives from San Francisco to Chicago and back in 10 days. You have a ticking clock, and you have the unlikely love story, you get the great characters from the game. They do scenes that are just like levels in the games. Driving through an abandoned mall and a mostly abandoned Casino. Sweet Tooth’s truck is perfect. His love for chaos and destruction and his ability to live through basically anything is exactly how I remember the game. At one point Sweet Tooth’s head was on fire, then he was shot in the head, blown up, and run over. However you better believe he will be in Season 2!

Season 2!?!?

The entire Season 1 was great, they revealed little details that kept the story moving. They had video game style Easter eggs throughout the whole movie. Like how the car has speed, handling, weapons, and armor. Too much of one affects the others, it was such a brilliant method of storytelling. 

The ending of Season 1 doesn’t just suggest a Season 2 it creates it. At the end of the final episode, we see Quiet. She has taken to being a Robin Hood character and is about to meet John’s sister. Stu has to deal with Sweet Tooth. Raven has unwillingly entered John into the Twisted Metal tournament. He will compete with some of his friends and some foes who we thought were dead.

If you liked the game, watch the show. If you don’t know the game. It’s a great show that does a great job of bridging the gap between Television and Video Games. Video games were always a unique way to tell a story. Video Game movies have traditionally done well, even if Street Fighter wasn’t a great movie, still, it did well. Sonic, Mario Brothers, and Mortal Kombat, all made successful transitions to the movie world. Twisted Metal is giving us a show, with multiple seasons! I look forward to the next season of Twisted Metal. Then hopefully a new Peacock original, Maybe God of War or Assassins Creed! 


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