The Clearing Season 1 Review

Sometimes Hulu has hidden gems and the new show The Clearing is definitely one of them. This series is based on a novel about an Australian new-age cult called The Family.

The Clearing offers an intriguing pilot episode that had me hooked from the very beginning. Actress Teresa Palmer is perfectly cast in this as the main protagonist who is forced to confront a terrifying secret of her past in order to stop a mysterious cult that is kidnapping and abusing children in order to fulfill a centuries-old prophecy.

The series also stars Miranda Otto and Guy Pearce, who both give a deep and disturbing performance. The fictionalized cult in the series is referred to as The Kindred, and this show breaks down their long and twisted journey spread out over 8 episodes.

One of the themes of the show primarily focuses on psychological manipulation and the effects it has on someone’s mind. Now, once the show starts to get going, they try to throw you off by presenting a multi-themed narrative that honestly plays into the cult’s backstory, including a few of the central characters. By the end, this mystery is nicely wrapped up for the viewer and offers a haunting yet satisfying conclusion.

The Clearing is currently streaming on Hulu.



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