The 22 Ladies of The Golden Bachelor

The Golden Bachelor will debut on September 28th but until then we got to meet the 22 Ladies that Gerry Turner will get to choose between.

Anna, 61

Hometown: Summit, NJ
Occupation: Retired nutritionist
Bio fun fact: “When Anna dives with sharks, she goes cageless.”

April, 65

Hometown: Port St. Lucie, FL
Occupation: Therapist
Bio fun fact: “April dreams of writing a bestselling book.”

Christina, 73

Hometown: Sierra Madre, CA
Occupation: Retired purchasing manager
Bio fun fact: “Christina’s first concert ever was The Beatles in 1964.”

Edith, 60

Hometown: Downey, CA
Occupation: Retired Realtor
Bio fun fact: “Edith is building an ADU in her backyard, and she is the project manager.”

Ellen, 71

Hometown: Delray Beach, FL
Occupation: Retired teacher
Bio fun fact: “Ellen loves dancing despite her two left feet.”

Faith, 60

Hometown: Benton City, WA
Occupation: High school teacher
Bio fun fact: “Faith loves riding her horse, Liberty, through the mountains.”

Jeanie, 65

Hometown: Estill Springs, TN
Occupation: Retired project manager
Bio fun fact: “Jeanie’s favorite color is neon.”

Joan, 60

Hometown: Rockland, MD
Occupation: Private school administrator
Bio fun fact: “Joan loves dancing after a couple glasses of wine.”

Kathy, 70

Hometown: Austin, TX
Occupation: Retired educational consultant
Bio fun fact: “Kathy is OBSESSED with Christmas.”

Leslie, 64

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Occupation: Fitness instructor
Bio fun fact: “Leslie is a former aerobics champion.”

Maria, 60

Hometown: Teaneck, NJ
Occupation: Health and wellness director
Bio fun fact: “Maria has never gone paintballing but really wants to try!”

Marina, 60

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Educator
Bio fun fact: “Marina has not one, not two, but THREE master’s degrees.”

Nancy, 60

Hometown: Alexandria, VA
Occupation: Retired interior designer
Bio fun fact: “Nancy is a Bruce Springsteen stan.”

Natascha, 60

Hometown: New York, NY
Occupation: Pro-aging coach and midlife speaker
Bio fun fact: “Natascha wants bell bottoms to make a comeback.”

Pamela, 75

Hometown: Aurora, IL
Occupation: Retired salon owner
Bio fun fact: “Pamela can’t get enough Judge Judy in her life.”

Patty, 70

Hometown: Durham, NC
Occupation: Retired real estate professional
Bio fun fact: “Patty loves her body glitter and encourages you to do the same.” Oh, and if you were wondering why Patty looks so familiar, it’s because she’s Season 25 Bachelor Matt James’ mom!

Peggy, 69

Hometown: East Haven, CT
Occupation: Dental hygienist
Bio fun fact: “Peggy is a go-karting enthusiast.”

Renee, 67

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Occupation: Former Chicago Honey Bears cheerleader
Bio fun fact: “Renee really wants to meet Harry Styles.”

Sandra, 75

Hometown: Doraville, GA
Occupation: Retired executive assistant
Bio fun fact: “Sandra is very proud of her high credit score.”

Susan, 66

Hometown: Aston, PA
Occupation: Wedding officiant
Bio fun fact: “Susan dreams of having lunch with Kris Jenner.”

Sylvia, 64

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Public affairs consultant
Bio fun fact: “Sylvia loves any excuse to put on a costume.”

Theresa, 69

Hometown: Shrewsbury, NJ
Occupation: Financial services professional
Bio fun fact: “Theresa taught herself all about the stock market.”

Enjoy this season of the Golden Bachelor!


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