Since AVENGERS: ENDGAME and STAR WARS: RISE OF SKYWALKER, Disney has been churning out content based on these two properties. Some have been great (ASOKHA) and others not so great (THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER).

This rose to Kevin Feige stating that the MCU content would be less focused on quality vs quantity, also the lackluster reaction to the way STAR WARS has been going, caused Kathleen Kennedy to be let go. She was over LucasFilm for Disney. What brought this on?

Well for one the hiring of new CEO Bob Iger. With an interview from Squawk Box, Disney CEO Bob Iger re-confirmed that the company will be “spending less on what they make and making less” projects like Star Wars and Marvel. Iger was firmly asked whether or not he meant that Disney would be pulling back from Star Wars and Marvel; Iger simply responded with a firm “Yes.”

This means that both of these properties will be made with less of a budget and focus more on quantity over quality. Someone finally gets it. We don’t need to watch 4 movies and 8 TV shows to be able to keep up monthly with the MCU. STAR WARS can now focus on what the fans want to see like the upcoming ASOKHA series.

I for one am happy about this. Meaning the phase 4 slate of MCU had no direction, and phase 5 has been limping to start. Now they can take their time, and they will have lots due to the WGA/SAG strike. Now will be the best time to figure all of this out.

For the full interview click here.


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