Freddy Vs Jason: 20 Years

Freddy Vs Jason: 20 Years Later! August 15th, 2003 fans everywhere witnessed the epic battle between two of the most popular horror icons. Freddy Vs Jason still remains one of the best horror mash-ups today.

Robert Englund is noted for this movie being the final time he would portray the iconic Freddy Krueger, who resurrects hockey masked killer Jason Voorhees in order to terrorize the remaining teenagers of Elm Street. What ensues is a bloody battle for survival as both horror fiends battle it out in order to prove who is the ultimate killing machine.

A few fun facts about this movie, there was a total of 24 kill scenes and this film was set to be made right after Freddy’s Dead and Jason Goes to Hell, but it spent many years in developmental hell that Jason X and Wes Cravens New Nightmare were both released beforehand. This would have made those two films the final movie in both franchises.

This guilty pleasure needs to be witnessed by horror fans everywhere!


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