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Floor Slapper Sports is Your Home for Sports, Wrestling, and Entertainment. We cover the NFL, Fantasy Football, NBA, WWE, AEW, NJPW, Impact Wrestling, MMA, Movies, TV, Gaming, & More.

Tim King – Head of Content

Tim King

Born and raised in the Windy City. Die-hard Chicago sports and wrestling fan. Fantasy football junkie. Was in the crowd for Austin vs Hart at Mania 13. Devin Hester is the most electrifying football player of all time and should be in the Hall of Fame. Went 6-0 in Fantasy Football Championship games in 2022. Show: The Tim King Show, Roto Slappers, & Kickin’ it with The Kings.

Dylan Hebert – Head of Operations

Dylan Hebert

I’m 29. Born and raised in Louisiana. Die hard Saints fan. I was in attendance as Brock Lesnar ended The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania XXX.

Kayla McCurry – Website Manager

Kayla McCurry

Born in West Va, but live in South Carolina. Carolina Boss Lady of Queens’ Takeover. Podcast. Wrestling fan. Carolina Panthers, Clemson Tigers, and Atlanta Braves fan. Huge fan of Kris Statlander, Karrion Kross, and Scarlett. Witnessed the first-ever Steel Cage match in All Elite Wrestling! Show:Outrage Control and SmackDown Watch Along

Daniel Schwager – Video Manager


B.A. Degree in Communication with an emphasis on video production! I am a huge New England sports fan! I witnessed a five star banger at NXT 25, Gargano vs Cole live in person!! Show: Outrage Control and SmackDown Watch Along.

Greydon Cochrane

Greydon Cochrane

38. Married. Currently residing in the Chicagoland area. A fan of movies, comics, and football. Played D3 in college. Runs the Binbuster channel on YouTube. Show: The Director’s Cut.

Streetz – Host of Roto Slappers. Fantasy Football Writer.

Dan Bakley “Cage” – Cage’s Bet Slip. Writer.

Melissa King – Host of Kickin’ it with The Kings. Reality TV Writer.

KPG – Feature Writer

Jaydee C. – Wrestling Correspondent

Mauricio Pomares – Wrestling Results Writer

JustInTime – Social Media Marketer, Podcaster

Peter Andrisani “The Mock Draft Guy” – NFL Correspondent

Dave Prinz – Sports & Entertainment Writer and Sports Lists Drafter & Ranker

Kyle Cole – Entertainment Writer

Justin Patterson – Sports & Wrestling Writer

Gary Schweder – Sports & Wrestling Writer

Big Texas Blake Kendrick – Co-Host Roto Slappers and Sports Lists Drafter & Ranker

Timbo – Sports Lists Drafter & Ranker


The Tim King Show – Join your boy TK for wrestling and sports talk, topic battle royal, interviews, and plenty of guests along the way.

Roto Slappers – Fantasy Football & Baseball Podcast hosted by Streetz with co-hosts TK, Big Texas Blake Kendrick, Matty Datty, and Sean.

The Directors Cut – Welcome, to The Director’s Cut. Where Greydon deep dives into the world of movies with The Binbuster Greydon as he gives weekly in-theatre cinema previews and reviews.

Outrage Control – A sports, wrestling, and entertainment Podcast hosted by Kayla the Writer Chaos and Dirty Dango.

SAT Sports – Weekly sports show hosted by Marcus and Freddy. The boys talk NFL, College Football, NBA, MLB, and much more.

Kickin’ in with The Kings – TK and Melissa shoot the sh*t and talk about life while doing a watch along to a reality TV show at the same time.