90 Day: The Last Resort | Meet the Couples

Who doesn’t love the drama and thrill of a good Reality TV show? Admit it. You do.
Me personally, being a huge reality junkie, I am pumped for this new series of the 90 Day franchise.

5 very well-known 90 Day Fiancé couples are headed to a resort in the Florida Keys. This will test their relationships, trust, and find out if what they have is worth fighting for.

Let’s meet the cast, shall we?

Ed and Liz

We all know Ed as the one and only Big Ed. Ed and Liz met in the 90 Day: Single Life. Not to mention while he was basically stalking her for weeks before pulling the trigger and asking her out. Despite the age difference, they got engaged..but have literally broken up and gotten back together more times than I can count. They’re entering the resort hoping they can make it out stronger rather than tearing them apart.

Jovi and Yara

We first met Jovi and Yara on Season 8 of 90 Day Fiancé. It hasn’t been easy with Jovi’s complicated work schedule and the long distance that comes with it. However, they got married, had a baby, and now are dealing with trust issues, and trying to be successful parents through it all. They’ve gone through many disagreements about living situations, wanting to expand their family and the stress of Jovi’s job. They want to be able to work out their issues and find common ground.

Angela and Michael

Oh boy. This couple. Angela is one of my favorite 90 Dayers..but this is a relationship that just needs to end in my opinion. We met Angela and Michael on the second season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. They have been in a long-distance relationship for years. And it’s been rockier than ever. Every time they are face to face a screaming match happens and it ends up with Angela being “done” with the relationship. I’m looking forward to seeing how this one ends up at the resort.

Kalani and Asuelu

We met Kalani and Asuelu on Season 6 of 90 Day Fiancé. They had many ups and downs, to begin with, but they got married and had 2 sons. The issues kept spiraling so they ended up separating. However, now they’re wondering if they should try to work out their relationship, mostly for the sake of their children.

Molly and Kelly

I LOVE MOLLY AND KELLY. We met them as a couple on 90 Day: The Single Life after Molly’s previous relationship blew up. They started off in a long-distance relationship but then started living together after a while of being apart. Unfortunately, after a few short months of living together, they separated. They hope to enter the resort to find ways to spark up their relationship and hope to ignite something again.

You can catch 90 Day: The last resort on Mondays 9/8c.


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