5 Potential Matches for CM Punk at Wrestlemania 39

I just want to preface this by saying that I absolutely do not see CM Punk wrestling at Wrestlemania, but hey what the hell let’s have some fun. With CM Punk and AEW’s relationship in disarray and a potential buyout looming why not talk about some potential matches, he could have upon his return? And if he’s returning let’s just say it will be on the grandest stage of them all, at Wrestlemania. There are a bunch of fun matches that came to mind for Punk both in the ring and on the mic feuds that would be gold, but for the purpose of this exercise, I am going to stick to 5 potential matches. Let’s get into it.

5.) Kevin Owens

This story writes itself. Two of the best mic workers in the industry. I would actually fear for a returning CM Punk if he had to go one-on-one with KO on the mic. I think the story is there for KO to really dig into him. He walked away, and when he came back it was elsewhere, couldn’t cut it there, ran back here, he (KO) got to do what Punk walked away for (main eventing Wrestlemania), and he got to do it against Stone Cold. The back-and-forth would be fantastic. It would also be a nice opportunity for Punk to be humble, take it all in, and ultimately get the win in his return match. KO would be the perfect opponent and I’d have him higher on this list but I want to see KO & Sami Zayn beat the Usos for the Tag Team Titles at Mania this year.

4.) AJ Styles

Arguably two of the top 25 wrestlers to ever do it. Their paths haven’t crossed in a long time. And they don’t particularly like each other in real life. All the ingredients for a nice feud. Punk and Styles could be a great show opener on Night 1 or Night 2 of Mania.

3.) Roman Reigns

CM Punk shows up and wins the Royal Rumble. Comes out on Raw and calls out the Tribal Chief. Ok, this one sounds like the most far-fetched of the matches so far. Do I think this could be fun, absolutely. Do I think this is likely? No. If Punk were to actually come back to the WWE I don’t anticipate them putting him into a title match with the biggest star in the World. However, if it were to happen, the story is there. Punk is a huge name that Reigns could to add to his list of victims. I think Punk would have to prove himself again before getting in there with Reigns.

2.) Seth Rollins

Here it is. This is the most likely match for me. If Punk were to “prove it” it would start with Rollins. The workhorse of the WWE. Seth Rollins against the former Best in the World CM Punk. Sign me up. The back-and-forth on the mic between these two would be great. Not as good as KO but that might be better for Punk. This would be the best all-around program for him. As I mentioned, the promo segments would be fun but Rollins could make a broomstick look good in the ring so for a returning Punk, Rollins would be the best dance partner. So many similarities between the ropes for these two. For a while, Seth reminded me of Punk.

1.) Stone Cold Steve Austin

Again, none of this is likely to happen so why not have the most unlikely match in the top spot?!?! A match that we never thought was possible is all of a sudden possible. As we know Stone Cold came out of retirement last year. Punk may be available. Wrestlemania Hollywood. Night 1. Main Event. What?! You were doing it. I know you were. This would be awesome. Sure a few years too late but fuck it let’s do it. Have a couple of Raw interactions that lead to a Wrestlemania main event. Austin of course gets the win but Punk gets his Mania main event after 9 years away. Ohhhhh Hell Yeah!


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